Other Services

Foytt offer many and varied services and strive to meet our customer demands. Foytt pride itself on professional and efficient service that our customers can trust.

Shrink and Baggage Wrap

Foytt staff always take extra care with all cargo within our facility. Foytt offer quality commercial grade shrink wrap to all our customers if required. If you have a valuable piece of cargo and concerned with damage we suggest having this shrink wrapped for your extra piece of mind.

Postal & Courier Service

Foytt partner with all the bigger companies like Fedex & DHL for the most competitive rates on courier and postal services. If you have documents, keys, wallet, or other personal items that need to be couriered or posted, Foytt are happy to assist.

Baggage Shipping

“Foytt offer FREE packaging (cardboard boxes or pallets) for excess baggage that can be containerised for shipping. Price for ocean sea freight are given by cubic meter and weight combined. Cubic Meter dimensions are approx. 39″”L x 39″”W x 39″”H””. Please provide dimensions accurately L x W x H plus weight for the most accurate price for your cargo. ”

Basic & Detail Vehicle Cleaning service

Foytt have trained and experience staff that clean vehicles with pride. If you require your vehicle to be cleaned or serviced after a tour or purchase, Foytt offer competitive rates for this service.

Notarization and Export Documentation

Foytt have qualified, trained and experienced staff that are well informed of documentation required by federal governments, regulatory bodies, homeland security. and US customs. If you require help and service in preparation of documentation for import or export, dmv notification and service or inventory reporting Foytt are at your service.

Documents required for Export

  • Vehicle ‘Certificate of Title’
  • B.O.S – Bills Of Sale. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) require a Bill of Sale as proof of purchase for export, purchase, and/or use.
  • Seller Federal Identification – Copy or details of Driver license or Passport
  • Buyer Identification – Copy or details of Driver license or Passport
  • Export Power of Attorney – Declaration provided by Foytt
  • Cargo – Commercial Invoices
  • Lien Letter of Release – If a lien has been issued on a title, a separate letter of release is required for export
  • Inventory of good – Household goods listed or itemized

Registered in California, USA
FMC License #025025NF