Container Shipping

Foytt handle many types of imports and exports of cargo. We are here to help you move your cargo with ease and piece of mind. Our sales and service team have extensive knowledge with network service stations worldwide to provide the best information and package for you.

Containers Transit Time Worldwide

14-60 day Ocean Transit.
(depending on your choice of carrier service)

Cargo Solutions

LCL – Less than container load / consolidated with other customers

FCL – Full Container Load

Common Container Dimensions

20ft Container

  • 20ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H
  • 67 cubic meters
  • 2377 cubic foot
  • max cargo weight 44,000 lbs
40ft container

  • 40ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H
  • 31 cubic meters
  • 1159 cubic foot
  • max cargo weight 22,000 lbs
Foytt make shipping easy!

Foytt offer a variety of container services

Live Load – Container is delivered to your door.  Driver waits while you load.  Drivers first hour is free but you will be charged by the hour thereafter.

Drop off and Pick up – Container is dropped to your door.  You load.  At your request the container is picked up 24 hrs to 48 hrs later.

Foytt Service & Load – Foytt receive your cargo at our warehouse.  Per your request Foytt load your cargo for shipment.

Foytt offer a variety of solutions to ship your cargo

If you’re shipping a less than container load (LCL) customers can deliver goods to our facility or pick-up can be arranged.
Products can be shipped by pallets, crates, or Foytt can have your cargo customised wrapped depending on your instruction.

Foytt provide Marine Insurance per your instruction. Crated goods qualify for an “all risk” policy but palatalized goods only qualify for a “total loss” policy.

Price for ocean sea freight are given by cubic meter and weight combined. Cubic Meter dimensions are approx. 39″L x 39″W x 39″H”. Please provide dimensions accurately L x W x H plus weight for the most accurate price for your cargo.

Safe Packaging with Foytt

  • Please have all goods wrapped and packed into strong cardboard boxes.
  • Suggested Palleted cargo: Shoes, Coats, Clothing, Comforters, Towels, Books, Blankets, Soft Toys, Cushions, and Pillows.
  •  Suggested Crated cargo: Special China, Antiques, Lamps, Glassware, Ornaments, Dishes, and Glass Framework.
  • Larger items such and tables, chairs, side cabinates, and draws should be wrapped in thick plastic or blanketed securely.
  • Fragile or breakable items we suggest you use crates as they provide the ultimate protection, at an extra cost.

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