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International Destination Importation Information

All ports and terminals throughout the world require different documentation for import. Foytt sales and service team can help make this transaction easy.  Contact us with your shipping information questions.


Generally the process is as follows:

  • Foytt notify you that your product has been exported and departed, an invoice is issued by Foytt to be paid in USD.
  • Your shipment has a consignee applied to the House Bill of Lading (carrier documentation of cargo). This consignee is generally the importing agent or clearing agent at the destination.
  • Importing agent apply destination customs clearance, duties and taxes.
  • Destination port/terminal handling charges
  • Destination fumigation, quarantine (if any)
  • Storage, demurrage, and detention (if any)
  • Customs examination/inspection charges (if any)

Need more help?

Contact Foytt with any of your shipping questions and our helpful staff will contact you.

Hey guys am just sitting at LAX and waiting to board to go back to Australia and would like to let you guys know that once again it is such a pleasure doing business with the Foytt Team. Tony, thank you for all your help with my paper work nothing is ever a drama, even though after all these years I seem to still forget the seller needs to fill out the bill of sale.
Jane and Pete you two guys always make me feel welcome and part of the Foytt family.  It’s always a pleasure walking into your shop and seeing all your team’s happy faces, it goes to show what a great job and relationship you two guys must have with your team.  THANK YOU GUYS!

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